During the this time of social distancing, we go in, you have the opportunity to build, to renew, to discover. 

Our offer is this: below are six guides for free until 4/15/20 @ 9p. The first guide is the Finding Your Niche Market guide to understand the environment that you want to enter and how to create your own space. 

To effectively brand yourself, let's start at square one. Who are you going to serve? Who is in the market and how are they serving your people?

Finding a niche market enables you to dial in on your people. It means that you have identified a collective of humans who need your product and service. Consider how customers expect relevant advertising otherwise they may miss it all together. They are purchasing (and seeking) a product or service that serves a desire or a pain.

If you are a business owner, launching a business/product/service, or if you have an idea and want to see if it has legs - Watch the video to understand how to use the guide.

Branding Strategy Download

Complete the following the Wittynoggin: Branding Strategy guides in this order:

  1. DIY: Finding Your Niche Market 

  2. DIY: Wordplay: Pattern Recognition

  3. DIY: Naming for Brands, Products, and Services

  4. DIY: Brand Positioning

  5. DIY: How to Create Your Tone of Voice

  6. DIY: Finding & Assembling a Tagline