To effectively brand yourself, let's start at square one. Who are you going to serve? Who is in the market and how are they serving your people?

Finding a niche market enables you to dial in on your people. It means that you have identified a collective of humans who need your product and service. Consider how customers expect relevant advertising otherwise they may miss it all together. They are purchasing (and seeking) a product or service that serves a desire or a pain.

If you are a business owner, launching a business/product/service, or if you have an idea and want to see if it has legs - Watch the video to understand how to use the guide.

Branding Strategy Download

Complete the following the Wittynoggin: Branding Strategy guides in this order:

  1. DIY: Finding Your Niche Market 

  2. DIY: Wordplay: Pattern Recognition

  3. DIY: Naming for Brands, Products, and Services

  4. DIY: Brand Positioning

  5. DIY: How to Create Your Tone of Voice

  6. DIY: Finding & Assembling a Tagline