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Champion Rehabilitation (CR) presented Wittynoggin with the challenge to develop a visual brand which can stand out in the Atlantic City / Philadelphia region as an independent physical therapy small business.

CR had just purchased themselves out from a large hospital system to allow autonomy and with a singular focus on physical therapy. It helps CR came with superb word-of-mouth referrals. The goal became fostering the owners community relationships, create an aspirational environment, and a visual identity to boot.

Work completed: 2016

.Direct Mail


.Print Advertising

.Brochure Design

.Business Articulation

.Brand Strategy


.Logo & ID System

.Brand Style Guides

.Elevated & simple visual brand identity on a complex subject matter (more like “subject patterns”)

.Proper representation of movement in a mark

.A fusion of Eastern & Western thought

.Agency to reach clients & book sessions on website

Small business USP

Ann—Vice President & Co-Owner // Champion Rehabilitation

We hired Wittynoggin to help with branding for our company as we had purchased our office from the capital health system in our region.

Matt was kind and quick. He has a knack for anticipating what will happen throughout his process.

I am grateful for his services, and look forward to working together in the future.

Kind words

The USP reflects their community reach, their excellent service, and their strong word-of-mouth referrals among patients and doctors. We set out to create a visual brand identity.


The goal of the visual brand is to convey movement and movement knowledge. Once we landed on the chosen logo with the C represented as a circular motion, this directional line became an element which drives their calm, connected, and patient-centric focused environment as the leading physical therapy small business in the AC region.


This was Champion Rehabilitation’s team first time participating in a branding project. To catch owners Anne & Sal up to speed, we first began understanding their business and articulating what makes them different and unique in the Atlantic City region.

As their business was brand new, they had a location and business operations set and in place. Not much changed in processing patients and the day-to-day protocols.

Sal—President & Co-Owner // Champion Rehabilitation

Matt is fantastic. He knows the deeper meanings of why we say what we want.

Let me explain, as we were developing the logo, I wanted the logo larger, which he did deliver.

However, in the manner he created our logo by expressing full range of motion in a ‘C’ shape, by taking into account all our services as a PT office.

You will find a creative partner who wants the best for you business.

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