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Work completed: 2020

.Brand Style Guides


.UX & Wireframes

.Wix build & CMS

.Business Articulation

.Brand Strategy


.3 Logos

Luxury Group

Wittynoggin helped Paradigm Luxury Group (PLG) create a boutique Luxury Lifestyle Agency from business conception to website design over COVID-19 2020 quarantine.

We discussed how positioning the agency as a content creator, creating an overlap of services in the agency. Over the course of a year up to today. Today, they weld a platform for luxury content, and support PLG as they continue to share their take on luxury cues.

.Brand Content Creation Agency

.Email Enrollment

.Platform for Sainte James Luxe—a weekly blog

.Quarterly Podcast—Mastery League

.Hired as Hamilton Jewelers Brand Ambassador

James—CEO // Paradigm Luxury Group

I brought Matt on board to a very ambitious vision I had to create a luxury consulting agency. During what proved to be an extremely challenging time for everyone, Matt quickly became a valued resource for me as I built the brand.

Through consistent weekly calls and exploratory conversations the birth of that vision was created. As my trust continued to increase that he understood my vision, the foundation of what is now Paradigm Luxury Group was born.

His attention to detail, willingness to seek out creative solutions to challenges and ability to adjust to the scope of the work has been the key for PLG. He continues to be an invaluable component to the development of my company.

Kind words

From there, we connected and developed a website that has a member’s login, an ecomm store, a blog, all hinting at what is to come in the near future.

PLG’s goal is to redefine what luxury is, and James and co. are setup to create their brand ecosystem, and share content from their platform and that is unique as the people in the agency.


Initially, James from PLG began with the idea of a podcast. It was our discovery sessions of PLG’s goals and vision which led to a much more substantial branding project, and most importantly—a luxury lifestyle agency was born in quarantine.

Once Matt & James aligned vision and goals, they workshopped culture, created user profiles, identified vision, mission, and values & purpose.

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