Paradigm Luxury Group


  1. Business Advisement

  2. Naming Strategy

  3. Energy Exchange Workshop

  4. (3) Logos

  5. Brand Collateral

  6. Communications Design

  7. CMS Ecommerce website

  8. Environmental Graphics

  9. Brand Merchandise

Paradigm Luxury Group (PLG) was born during COVID-19. And we collaborated on the business as much as the visual design.


The purpose of PLG is to provide a new perspective of all things luxury, and a platform where content is published. PLG is built from a depth of experience and time in hospitality, sports marketing, film, luxury experiences, spirits & cigars, and fashion.

The goal is to make a content platform specific to the content types PLG publishes—written content, audio content, and video surrounding the concept of redefining luxury. The breath of work you see below is phase one of a multi-phase rollout.

This project has been an absolutely pleasure to build during our many months inside of 2020, and we look forward to building experiences with PLG when it's safe to do so.

Partner Relationship

James, Luxury Content Creator,

Founder & CEO

"I brought Matt on board to a very ambitious vision I had to create a luxury consulting agency. During what proved to be an extremely challenging time for everyone, Matt quickly became a valued resource for me as I built the brand.


Through consistent weekly calls and exploratory conversations the birth of that vision was created. As my trust continued to increase that he understood my vision, the foundation of what is now Paradigm Luxury Group was born.


His attention to detail, willingness to seek out creative solutions to challenges and ability to adjust to the scope of the work has been the key for PLG. He continues to be an invaluable component to the development of my company. "

Collaborations, Experiences, & Merchandise