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Work completed: 2020


.UX & Wireframes

.Squarespace build & CMS

.Business Articulation

.Brand Strategy



For the love of movement, Poetic Discipline (PD) was formed to help people learn how to use their bodies with efficiency, strength, mobility, coordination, and elasticity.

A truth with breathwork is—just as we use our mind to tell our bodies what to do, we can use our bodies to control our minds. PD approached me to first make them a visual identity. This small movement startup has deep roots of training in NYC and moved to the sleepy town upstate in Peekskill NY, which lead to creating their website.

.Elevated & simple visual brand identity on a complex subject matter (more like “subject patterns”)

.Proper representation of movement in a mark

.A fusion of Eastern & Western thought

.Agency to reach clients & book sessions on website

.Small business USP

Founder & Movement Practitioner // Poetic Discipline

Matt King is the Michael Pollan of the design space. He boldly immerses himself in the project, in my case this meant diving into the rabbit hole of a movement practice.

Realizing the container doesn’t really exist allowed his creativity to explode inward and outward, and the final design unfolded with grace and ease.

Matt will help you think, rethink your thinking, and then transcend your thinking. Matt is part artist, philosopher, teacher and keen listener, a man of wise opinions, but never attached to any outcome. His design practice is a movement practice in and of itself.

Kind words
Figure a.
Figure b.
Figure c.


Movement. What is it? What does it do? Why is it foreign?
These are a few of mountain-sized questions I was thinking when trying to define something that isn’t so easily grasped due to a fragmented fitness market.

PD has untold story. In the world of fitness, there are so many choices, so many clubs, communities, modalities, styles, and reasons to be fit.

Chris at PD explained to me in a movement sesh, “Variability & consistency—these are the most important aspects of movement.”

We set out to create a logo which combines Eastern and Western thought. Figure a. b. & c. were the first round of logo concepts for review with PD.

Figure a. is the rabbit hole, once you’re in Alice, keep moving and you’ll know when you’re there. Figure b. is structure, the foundation of any practice. Everyday. Show up & give yourself to yourself.

Figure c. with every movement, there is a counter that needs nourishing as well.

Nourishment took the cake... *took the QDR.

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