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How Design Strengthens Messaging

The base of this basket was falling off, and it’s dear to me because it’s one of the few items I have from my grandparents.

The goal: reinforce the structure

The side-effects: renewed story, renewed utility, extended table-life, & more beauty

We use it as often as we can.

It’s seen so many yukon, sweet, carrot, and yuca fry nights, I couldn’t count.

It’s possible it's on its third or fourth act serving my table.

The bottom is falling off and has recently reached more than half way. The weight of the base is heavy enough it finally felt like it would fall or tear off with a quick jolt.

I first tried using wire ties, like the ones they wrap electronic wires with while packaged for sale.

It did the job, however the grass weave was breaking around the other half which wasn’t covered.


The solution delayed the inevitable.

Ok, if I want to continue to use the basket, the entire edge needs to be on, like glue. But better than glue because glue is rigid and this needs flex.

I had some black string I’ve used for fixing those shit stretchy bracelets with the chakra colors. I've had three, they've all broken, I'm over it.

So I got weaving. First, I thread the line where it weaves up and down. Then I split the difference in between the first string line with another string wrapping around the first two cords of grass. Second, I started a new thread to pinch the base of the basket to the wall. Another goal is to prevent the basket from continual tearing. Ultimately, if the base tears, it can lead up the basket wall, which is another problem for another day. For now, the wall is doing dandy.

This basket is an example of good design.

  1. The basket is functional. Sucker is sturdy.

  2. Adding to the story. The additional structure makes it a point of conversation.

  3. It’s beautiful. The black is an addition, understated and supporting.

  4. It's resourceful. Maximize what you have before adding.

  5. Gratitude. Being grateful for what you have means we’re able to accept what’s to come.

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