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Kindness Mindset

When I was a kid, I was enamored with room temperatures. I could pull and push and swirl in the gravitational pulls between people.

I feel how people "sit" in space. It's energy reading.

That’s pretty much how I operate.

I call it the #kindness #mindset.

#Kindness is inclusive of multiple actions and intentions.

  1. Honesty - tell the truth

  2. Inclusion - include people in the fold

  3. Courage - say what’s needed to be said

  4. Openness - we know what we know

  5. Acceptance - allow newness to integrate

#Kindness gets a bad rap.

“Nice guy finishes last.”

Do you really think so? I think it depends.

I think a nice person, if operating with kind intention, isn’t someone you want to mess with or at least if you want to keep the relationship healthy. They’re not unwise. They know exactly what they’re doing.

It’s worth noting about “nice people” though.

I don’t know what the rate of nice to kind people is. That would be a fun discovery or delineation.

I used to be a nice guy. I used to be a yes man.

My younger self wanted to be included and valued. I've worked through those needs so that I can provide inclusion and value for myself. I found myself because the values I grew up with set me up only to serve others and not myself.

Values from born to 21 — god, school, work.

My family’s values come from a good place.

I agree with the values, and I’ve put them down and picked them back up with new meaning. My meaning.

#Niceness was an undervaluation of myself.

Kind people though. They are stuff of legend.

They are the joke you get when times are stressful. They are the coffee or water fetched without having to ask for them. It is the extra mile and patience while we finish our part of projects so that they can take’em home.

Don’t take a kind person for granted.

I have. And that was the last time I had a relationship with them.

#Kindness is an energy exchange.

Maybe a more accurate picture is, kindness is the air.

Hospitals have an air to them.

Offices have an air to them.

Homes have an air to them.

Woods have an air to them — my favorite.

I’ve mentioned a couple weeks ago that we need to lean-in in order to get to the kernel of the discussion.

Imagine you are at a table with team members on a specific project.

#Kindness is the ease at which people can share.

The more kind you are, the more exploration around the project happens, the acceptance of off-the-wall ideas, the better chance we have at creating something that is original and uniquely ours.

Kindness enables us to:

  1. Speak up

  2. Step up

  3. Produce

  4. Creates enthusiasm

  5. Bonding

#Kindness is godliness. As we all are creators and #manifestors.

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