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TAO - The Art Of

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Last week, I was looking up information for job fairs. Specifically for people who attend them.

In the summer, my team is going to host a job fair for candidates who want to get into the cannabis industry. Which got me thinking, what do candidates need to know?

Funny story, I had my first interview in (8) years back in September 2021.

I'm removed from that kind of interaction since I left corporate in August 2018, when you had to work hard to get the remote life some of us are blessed with.

Anywho, I was asked a question,

"What do you do when you're given poor feedback?"

I chuckled a bit myself and responded,

"If someone is upset about the work not being to spec, it's because there was a miscommunication. There was an assumption on both sides after we parted ways. If there is an added layer of emotional blame, then that's on them. It's merely an opportunity to see where someone's character lies."

It was an affirmative & informative answer. She thought so too.

It means, as long as I mean what I'm saying, I going to treat people with respect by listening to them, and keep the goal in mind so that I don't get derailed.

Let's circle back to job fair research.

I'm not new to interviewing—it's been a while, and I don't think in terms of employment. I think in terms of advocation.

So how does someone advocate for a 'job?'

I went down the hole of prework, day of event, day after event followups. Check. Check. Check.

Easy peasy lemon... hang on. Is that it? Anyone can find this information online.

Then I came across Amanda Palmer who gives a wild TED talk about "The Art Of Asking."

I don't want to spoil it for because it's worth watching for the honesty marketing Amanda does.

She's a musician, and started her life after college as a still artist dressed in white offering deep eye connection and a flower for each person who gives her money.

Long story short her band is taking off, and she continued to ask people after offering her art form. "It's counter intuitive to ask for help." she says.

No doubt, I resonate with that statement.

The Art Of Asking.

I googled the art of asking in reference to job fairs.

The insights were great.

Insights like:

"What person do you need to speak with?"

"Address a person with clarity, and easy-to-understand ask"

"Start by asking for help."

"Be considerate."

"Personalize the message for connection."

"You’re getting to know someone, so there is no expectation"

I found these helpful, and saw a younger Matt who would have benefited from this advice. Each one is a conversation into itself.

Another thing I noticed is "The Art Of" is a freeing statement.

Expression is our experience determined by ourselves. It's our making.

The Art Of

T he A rt O f


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