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Wittynoggin is the brand consultancy of Matt King.

Matt is leading the only consultancy specializing in wellness and fashion branding. A yin yang of internal and external expression. Matt enhances brand messaging through discovery, strategy, and visual identity to amplify brand messaging and story.

The goal: To see, articulate, & express.

The mission: Advocate & contributor to conscious living change-makers for service-businesses in fashion and wellness.

Branding Process
High Level Business Order

01 Articulate Business Goals—2-3 days

Self evaluation of where the business is today and where we want to steer it. The key is to have alignment of goals and intention and effort.

02 Market Research—5-6 days

What the market is comprised of, what’s trending, and what’s it’s missing. The key is to see where we fit in the market.

03 Sustenance—2-3 days

Vision, mission, values, purpose—Let’s play the long game and establish genuine business connections to your clients. The key is commitment to who we are and who we serve.

04 Brand Strategy—5-6 days

Positioning, planned outcome, branding plan-—energy & effort graph, aligning actions with business intention. The key is to see and understand what actions are fruitful and which metrics to monitor.

05 Naming Workshop—2-3 days

Naming can be challenging due to bias. This objectified process gleans the creme of what you consider success is. The key is identify the service, product, or organization with zeal and zest.

06 Tagline Workshop—2-3 days

Encapsulate who you are in 00:01:05.

07 Visual Brand Identity—10-50 days

Stylescapes, logo, brand guidelines, website design, Wix CMS, environmental graphics, signage, wayfinding. The key is to create a visual language which grows with the business

Timing—24-60 days

Depending on what nets from the business articulation, the timing will range. 

Investment—starts at $15,000

Yes, it's expensive.

Yes, the quality is superb. 

Yes, I treat clients like family with a healthy dose of objectivity and with every intention to help you succeed. 

Matt King

Founder & Creative Director

Matt’s story begins as the youngest of six born in central New Jersey. 


He loves hand-me-downs and consignment shops, and with two older brothers—he got some good picks.


He also got into his Dad's closet, fully stocked with fine button downs and jackets from the 60s and 70s -- his Dad's belly knew slimmer days :)

Matt drew all the time, still does, and went to college for graphic design at York College of Pennsylvania.

Since then, Matt has been learning the art of storytelling.


His experiences in building businesses on 5 separate startup teams in fashion and wellness markets are foundational to his view how business and branding are greater than the sum of their parts.

In September 2013, he sprained both achilles’ tendons moving into a UES walkup, and experienced painful, wobbly legs navigating Manhattan for over a year.


Movement fixed his body. Now, pain-free, consistently gaining strength, mobility, and awareness of his physical space, he is continually improving physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Additionally, Matt's been contributing to the NJ cannabis industry where he serves as the Chief Creative Officer of a cannabis advocacy and education group since 2017.

Fashion and wellness have long endured in Matt’s life -- both of which he cherishes.


Both industries need more capable, robust small business to lead the markets in products and services enabling clients to be self-sufficient and growth-oriented. 

It all started around a fire and probably some ethereal awareness brew or herb -- this is why expression is everything. 


Client List

Created by Wittynoggin

Consider what happens when businesses cultivate internal people, processes, & products.


Fine tune the inside, and the outside is a representation of a living entity—we become an invitation of our entity.

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