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.A unique logo within the market in procurement services

.Development & Understanding Proquisto’s USP

.Realigned business model during slower months of COVID spring 2020 quarantine

.Brand Guidelines to facilitate the development of the website—another agency dev. the website

Wittynoggn Testimonial
Rod—President // Proquisto

We hired Matt from Wittynoggin to help with branding for our company.

He was professional, skillful, and punctual.

He delivered a unique logo and comprehensive brand guidelines booklet.


I recommend Matt for all your branding needs.

Kind words
Wittynoggin Branding Process

The discussion of “What’s the secretsauce, Matt?”, established the measurement of success in the business was made by personal connections and trustworthiness. Those attributes are expressed in a serif font, customized to reflect the name.

Rod is a proud man and works diligently, a brand, a business Rod has obsessively tends, weeds and harvests.


Working with Proquisto was a delight. The goal was a unique in logo which reflects their method business in the procurement market.


From the first time I looked at the Figure a., the image above to the left, I realized Rod’s issue. He’s sees what’s being done and is trying to compete head-to-head with companies that have the monetary means to push themselves into the market because of their resources, size, and reach.

Cyrus—Procurement Consultant // Proquisto

I had a great, collaborative experience working with Matt on a recent branding and design project.

He did some excellent work and was highly willing to communicate and go the extra mile to generate a final product that checked every box and left all the stakeholders pleased.

I’m happy to recommend him to those seeking a branding specialist to engage with on future branding projects.

Figure a.
Figure b.
Work completed: 2020

.Logo & ID System

.Brand Style Guides

.Business Articulation

.Brand Strategy



As quarantine had set in, Rod from Proquisto approached Wittynoggin and inquired about a new visual identity. We made lemonade out of the quarantine in spring 2020.

Rod is the CEO of Proquisto. He is focused on standing out among giants like Accenture, BCG, and McKinsey & Co. He wants to compete, and I appreciate his audacity. “Rod, how do you get your clients?” Rod says, “They’re all word-of-mouth or I know them personally from prior work. “Rod. We found his special sauce, it’s a handshake. It’s not big like the other guys. It’s warm and trustworthy.” 

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