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"What's the secret sauce?" they asked.

Proquisto came with a unique problem, an identity crisis. They were in year 2 of 5 in the start-up process, and they're already providing procurement solutions for retailers such as Madewell, J. Crew, and Ann Inc. (Ann Taylor, Loft, Lou & Grey). 

Upon discovering their unique selling proposition was trust—each new account they signed was based on a personal connection, we began to explore the industry landscape and how their small and nimble team stacks up to corporate giants.

Old Proquisto logo

Current Proquisto logo

Procquisto is nimble, customizable, personal, and built on relationships. Procquisto clients know the president personally, it’s his team that provides services to backup his claims. 

Procquisto isn’t a huge conglomerate eating contracts for breakfast, nor is it weak and disadvantaged. In fact, that is their strong suit.


They get people, and it gets the job done well. Proquisto runs on trust and a handshake, which is why it represents itself a little more polished, a little more calm and collected, a little more factual and trust-worthy.

Partner Relationship

Rod, President,

"We hired Matt from Wittynoggin to help with branding for our company. Matt was professional, skillful, and punctual. He delivered a unique logo and comprehensive brand guidelines booklet. I recommend Matt for all your branding needs."

Cyrus, Procurement Consultant,

"I had a great, collaborative experience working with Matt on a recent branding and design project. He did some excellent work and was highly willing to communicate and go the extra mile to generate a final product that checked every box and left all the stakeholders pleased. I'm happy to recommend him to those seeking a designer to engage with on future design projects."